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Dusty Henderson Tax Strategist

Expert Tax & Wealth Planner & Strategist Dusty Henderson

If you aren't working with a tax strategist, there's a big chance you are paying too much in income taxes. CPAs are accountants but may not specialize in tax strategy. They can't offer you a proactive tax strategy to reduce your tax bill. That would be a Tax Strategist. Since taking on our first clients in 2014, Dusty Henderson has built a reputation as the go-to Tax Strategist in Kaufman County, Terrell & Forney, Texas.

Each member of our team serves as an expert in their niche, keeping track of their respective industries so that you receive the most specific and accurate guidance available. No matter what services you hire us for, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Learn why your home is your biggest deduction and asset.

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